PR Information & E-Mail:

If you are interested in allowing me to review items for your company for free in exchange for a review on my blog please feel free to contact me through the E-Mail Button Below...

I would love to review the following:

  • Anything associated with marriage
  • Educational items for elementary kids
  • Books
  • Restaurants
  • Clothing
  • Health & Beauty Products 
  • Fitness Items
  • Children's Items: books, toys, educational materials
  • Household Products
  • Pet items {our family has a loving pup named Molly}

I always share whether I purchased the item, item was a gift, or sent for review. I do not make any money off products that are shared on this site, all opinions are my own based on what works or doesnt work for me. If you have any questions about products or are interested in me reviewing products for your company please e-mail me personally rather than leaving a comment! 

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