Monday, January 02, 2017

Top 6 of 2016 | My Favorite YouTubers

Hi Everyone! Now that Twenty Sixteen has said its goodbyes, I thought I would share my favorite YouTubers from this past year. One of my favorite things to do is curl under a blanket and pop in my headphones and watch videos on YouTube.

#1 is Emily from Beauty Broadcast with Emily Noelle; my absolute favorite thing about Emily is how thorough she is when it comes to products and sharing what she thinks is worth your money, and also sharing what just didn't work well no matter the brand. I have enjoyed watching her videos for years and think you'll love her just as much as I do.

#2 is Candice from Fancy That with Candice; she is full of pure joy all the time in her videos; honestly, I am not sure I have ever seen her in a video where she is angry or sad, she knows how to cheer you up in under twenty minutes! Her videos are based on home, life, kids, and beauty.

#3 is Rachel from RachhLoves; Rachel, like Candice has an overflowing amount of happiness and energy and can make you life within about two minutes of her videos. I love watching her beauty videos because she is so honest and typically does budget friendly reviews from all across the board.

#4 is Jaimie from Jaimie Kight; she a mom and this is how we relate; I love that she shares all sorts of videos from just chit chat to beauty to parenting to home...she is also Christian which speaks to my heart. She is so fun to watch and her kids are adorable.

#5 is Kendall from Kendall Rae; she is a newlywed who shares all sorts of random videos; one of her videos of a new series she is starting is based on missing people, I watched it last night and her thoughts are interesting. I also love her conspiracy videos too.

#6 is Olan Rogers; if you need ten minutes of chill time where you can just do nothing but need to laugh this is your guy! Olan has the funniest facial expressions and is always sharing stories from his life.

I watch a ton of YouTube videos and it was hard picking just these six; I hope all of these ladies and gents have a great twenty seventeen and that their channels are successful this year.

Who are you watching these days?

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