Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Back From Vacay!

Hello Lovely People! We just back from a much needed, awesome, wonderful, beautiful, fun time with the sand, waves, and salty air of Caswell Beach! We have been getting back into the groove of life and missing North Carolina all at the same time. There is just nothing like the coast of North Carolina, especially the beach we get to visit. This my little families second time there and let me just say it didn't last long enough. We had such an amazing time with my in-laws, some friends, and our niece. So many memories made, and we cannot wait to do it all again in a year!

Now that we are finally home, unpacked, and have most of the said out of our hair I can finally get back into a routine here on the blog, however, like most mom bloggers out there, I do have a life and sometimes it gets in the way of this little space, but, never fear I do have lots of things to share here with you guys. I have been trying lots of new products out from the drugstore, and you guys, its Fall which ties with Spring as my favorite season!

Let me know of some things you would like to see here! 

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